P-Tr Insects By Askrwayy

On display at the Artist Retail Collective gallery and available for silent auction through the month of September 2019 ending 30th September. 10 original illustrations on offer for a limited time of a total of 14 insects illustrations created during August.
225 Jull St Mall, Armadale from 1st to 30th september.

P-Tr Insects include decorative motifs and shapes selected from markings drawn and then chosen for interesting form, friends were asked to select a shape or mark which interests them and these had then been used as building blocks to develop the insect designs. They are discovered insects and so are also abstract in their form.

Colour and finer patterns in this particular series have been inspired by fine artifacts, film, cultural dress and typographic elements to bring the form to life.

The insects are in truth abstract selected for its likeness to insect like features. The series of insects are to initiate as a basis of a greater myth taking place 250 million years in pre-history.

p-tr-insect illustrations artwork by askrwayy